Wholesale Bed Linen & Table Linen

Wholesale Bed Linen & Table Linen

Melbourne Bed and table linen are widely used all around the world. They are available in different types and are used in various industries. Bed linen, table linen and quilts melbourne help offer a premium feel to any space. White linen complements the cut glass and white tableware. It provides a luxurious and refined meal to every meal. Although PVC tablecloths are commonly used because they help protect furniture from damage and are easy to clean, they do not provide the elegant look as offered by table linen. According to a study conducted by the Journal of Consumer Research in 2012, it was revealed that table linen has the ability to significantly improve the perception of food among customers. Hence, every restaurant and hotel should optimise wholesale bed linen melbourne and table linen to alter the perception of their customers.

Why Tablecloths Are Not As Common?

Although table linens can be used to save a ton of money since they hide damaged furniture and prevent the need for it to be replaced, taking care of it can be expensive. With all the constant washing and ironing, cotton tablecloths as well as linen can get damaged. Hence, polyester is also used due to its practicality. On the other hand cotton remains a popular option but is not as resistant to harsh detergents and frequent washes. But, table linen looks better on the table. There are a wide range of options when it comes to choosing a table linen.

Which Bed Linen and Table Linen Options Do You Have?

If you are planning on getting a bed linen or a table linen, then, the following options should be considered.

Satin Band

Satin wholesale table linen melbourne offer the ultimate luxurious touch to a space. They are made completely of cotton and have a finished touch using a supremely sleek satin band. Satin band bed linen and tablecloths add poise and refinement to any room. They are the best way to finish a premium setting, making the space appear as its finest.


Even though satin band is extremely luxurious, cotton bed linen and table linen are also an elegant option for any space. Besides, it tends to be a more affordable option as compared to a satin band. If you want to create a fine dining environment, then, cotton tablecloths can be used.

Polyester Linen

Known for being the most practical option, polyester linen is crease resistant and hardwearing. It is used in a wide range of spaces from pubs to restaurants and even cafes. Polyester linen offers durability and quick drying. Moreover, one can choose a classic polyester tablecloth as it is a hardwearing linen that is best suited for high turnovers.


Whole bed linen and table linen have various applications. They are available in a wide range of options. If you want to make sure that you choose the right type, then, you should try out each option beforehand. It will help you make the right decision.